Hair myths are all over the internet, right Foxes? And we know how hard it can be to separate the fact from the fiction.

Here are some of the most common or strangest hair myths we’ve heard over the years… with the truth to debunk each of them!

10 hair myths we hear all the time


Myth #1: “Getting a trim makes your hair grow faster”

A trim can make your hair look thicker and healthier, but it won’t make it grow any faster. That’s because your hair grows from the roots and trims just deal with the ends. The best way to get your hair to grow faster is to eat well and care for your strands!

Myth #2: “Cutting your hair before a full moon stunts its growth”

There are a lot of folktales about hair growth and the moon. Some people believe that cutting before the full moon will limit your strands’ growth. Other people think that cutting your hair during a full moon will make it grow faster and stronger. Even some hairdressers promote these ideas! But the reality is that there’s no proof that the moon has any impact on your hair’s growth or strength.

Myth #3: “Cutting your hair during your period stunts its growth”

Your period doesn’t have an impact on your hair growth… but your hormones do affect the oil released through the same skin openings as your hair follicles. People often also report feeling worse about their hair and hairstyles during their period.

Myth #4: “Hair grows faster and fuller after you shave it”

If you’re thinking about shaving your head to make your hair grow faster and thick… don’t do it! It won’t actually make a difference. That’s because hair growth and thickness is affected by internal factors far more than external. Instead of shaving your hair off, make sure you have a balanced diet of protein, carbs, and good fats, as well as enough zinc, iron and vitamin D.

Myth #5: “Washing your hair too frequently strips the natural oils”

This hair myth can be very damaging. Your scalp needs to be cleaned regularly – just like your face. If you don’t keep your scalp clean, dead skin cells can build up, leading to hair shedding! A good rule of thumb is that washing your hair once or twice a week is sufficient to keep your scalp clean and healthy, but if you’re unsure, ask your stylist! Don’t want to wash your style out that often? Here are some great ways to keep your locks looking luxe!

Myth #6: “Switching shampoos frequently is good for your hair”

You don’t need to switch your shampoo just because. Doing so isn’t going to make your shampoo any more effective. Instead, swap out your shampoo when your hair’s cut, colour, or needs change.  

Myth #7: “Shampooing makes your hair shed”

We often hear from clients, asking about why they have so much hair in their shower drains. Is shampooing your hair making it fall out? Not at all! Your hair sheds all the time. It’s just that you don’t notice it as much in other places. In the drain, all the hair gathers, making it hard to miss. Instead of fixating on the hair in the drain, focus on keeping your scalp clean and limiting your stress, which is the top culprit behind shedding!

Myth #8: “The more you brush your hair, the healthier it will be”

Nope! Through most of history, people didn’t shower often so their hair would be dirtier. Brushing would help with that. Now though, we shower all the time! So brushing your hair, say, 100 times a day is just going to lead to split ends and breakage. Instead of brushing more, opt for products like leave-in conditioners that make your locks smooth and shiny!

Myth #9: “You can’t dye your hair if you’re pregnant”

This is one of the most persistent hair myths. But it is a myth! Scientists have said that there’s no problem with dying your hair while pregnant. That said, if you’re worried, there are options to limit your chemical exposure. For example, instead of all-over colour, you can opt for balayage, highlights, or other techniques that aren’t applied directly to the scalp, which is where the product would be absorbed by your body, if at all.

Myth #10: “You should towel dry your hair”

This is a huge no-no! Roughly rubbing your hair with a towel is asking for breakage. Also, if your hair is thinning or fragile, you can even end up having hair fall out. Instead of towelling your hair dry, squeeze the water out with a towel, then gently brush the remaining water out with a wide tooth comb.

Have other beliefs you think might be hair myths? Make an appointment at our Mount Pleasant hair salon and one of our stylists will help you figure out what’s right for your strands!