Hey, bride-to-be Foxes! We’re gearing up for wedding season, so if your significant other put a ring on it, now is the time to book your wedding hair trial!

This trial will help you know what to expect and will help make sure your big day runs smoothly.

What to expect at your wedding hair trial


The night before

You want to book your wedding hair trial for no later than 3 months before your big day. The night before your trial, wash and dry your hair. Then, on the day of the trial, come in with fresh, natural locks – no product.

On trial day

At your appointment, focus on creating a game plan for your wedding hair. Speak with your stylist about your venue, dress and anything else you know about your wedding. Also, make sure to talk about what you want from your bridal hairstyle. Finally, discuss your schedule for the day and make sure your stylist will have enough time to give you the look you want.

After the trial

After your appointment, make sure you do not change your cut or hair colour. You may be getting extensions or techniques based on your current cut. On top of that, you don’t want to make any major alterations to your style. Want to freshen up your look? Make sure to talk to your stylist ahead of time so there are no surprises for them on your big day!

What to bring to your wedding hair trial


1. Your hair inspiration

Bring your hair inspiration with you to your appointment. Create a Pinterest board or clip magazine pics, for example. Also, be clear on looks you don’t want. It’s as important to eliminate looks as it is to pinpoint what you love!

Even though you are bringing in inspiration, make sure you listen to your stylist’s tips and advice. There is no point in having a professional, but not listening to them.

2. Hair accessories

If you have specific hair accessories that you want to wear, make sure to bring them so they can be incorporated into your look. Remember that your veil counts too! If your stylist allows you to leave with your hairstyle, you may want to book a dress fitting after your wedding hair trial so you can see your whole look together. Just speak to your stylist ahead of time and ask if you are able to leave the style in after your appointment. Some stylists will be fine with this but others may not be. Also, if you have extensions or other products, it may not be possible for you to leave with them in.  

3. Someone you trust

Picking the right wedding hair can be tough. While your stylist can advise you on what looks great on you, you also may want to have someone at your appointment who trust to give you another opinion on you and your style. Pick someone honest, but who speaks in a supportive way that doesn’t tear you down. Also, be clear on what type of feedback you want. For example, you could ask them to weigh in on whether a style looks like it fits with your personal vibe and style. At the end of the day though, don’t sacrifice what you want for someone else’s view. It’s your big day after all!

Not sure what looks to bring to your wedding hair trial? Here’s some inspiration to get you started!