Master of bobs.

With a name we couldn’t have hand-picked better ourselves, Jamie Fox is one of those crazy dog lovers who will pet virtually any pooch that crosses her path. She just welcomed 2 wonderful senior pugs – Maggie and Mimi – into her family, and on some Saturdays you will find Maggie cuddling on our clients laps. Jamie’s decidedly kaleidoscopic, vintage style comes through in her work and her personality. Honestly, if you asked Jamie, the scissors and bowls of colourful concoctions are fun and all, but she’s equally in it for the connections to her clients. And we dig that.


“One of the best things is that I get to meet people I wouldn’t have otherwise.”



Her signature cut? The bob. Because, as she puts it, “everybody looks good in a bob.” And the fact is, she’s right.


A creator of the perfect “hat that god gave you”.

Whether you’re after a serious under-the-knife-style makeover, or a simple refresh of your current ‘do, Jamie’s got you covered thanks to 9 years of salon experience. Men’s cuts? She loves ‘em. Bobs? Yes, please.
She’s known for “planting seeds” for ideas to try next time you come in to Stone Fox to change up your style, and will get you considering a ‘do you might not have dreamed up on your own.

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