Creative spontaneity and genuine kindness – it’s hard to find someone with one of these traits, let alone both. But we’ve found this almost impossible combination in our very own Tessa Woychyshyn! Tessa balances her creative spark and her thoughtful eye, ensuring that her clients’ hairstyles fit their lives… and souls. Best of all? Tessa is a hometown discovery, having grown up just minutes away from our Mount Pleasant hair salon!  

Q: What brought you to Stone Fox? The Tessa Q&A - hairstylist - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver
A: A great friend and coworker from my previous salon has been working at Stone Fox for a couple years; and, when she said they were expanding and looking for new stylists, I jumped on the opportunity – best decision I’ve ever made!    


Q: What’s your hair philosophy?
A: You should never like your hair… You should LOVE it. And that love should extend past your day at the salon. That’s why I give you a look that suits you and your lifestyle then give you the tools to recreate it at home, so you can have hair you adore on the regular.  


Q: Do you have a favourite hairstyle or technique?
A: I love hair that looks effortless, tousled, and kinda undone. So, usually a rooty balayage with some soft waves.

The Tessa Q&A - hairstylist - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

Q: If you could only have ONE hair product for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Shampoo doesn’t count!)
A: Doo.over by Kevin Murphy, hands down! It’s 3 products wrapped in one. Volumizer, texturizer, with a bit of hold like a hairspray. Super user-friendly with the most amazing results!!


Q: Any hair trends coming down the pipe for 2018 that you’re excited about?
A: Balayage is here to stay – and I’m excited about that! But as spring rolls around, gals will want to lighten up, so bring on the blonde!


The Tessa Q&A - hairstylist - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouverQ: Any hair misconceptions out there that you hear all the time?
A: “You can’t do that.” Lately, I’ve heard so many people say their previous stylist wouldn’t take them short, or blonde, or dark. Of course, there are always exceptions, but a good consultation can prepare your client for what to expect and if they’ll actually want to come in more regularly to maintain their pixie cut or their blonde roots or if they’ll want to brighten up their newly dark hair soon. But a flat out “you can’t have that hair”, sometimes isn’t the case!

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