should i get bangs? taylor swift bangs. stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

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So you’re thinking of getting bangs a la T Swift? We don’t blame you. That babe’s fringe rocks our world too.

should i get bangs? stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

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Taking the plunge into getting bangs means more than a little snip of the hair, though, Foxes. There are a few things to consider before you announce to one of our Mount Pleasant hairstylists, “I want bangs!”

Here’s what you need to know.


Bangs require more maintenance

Like, a lot more. You’ll notice 2 mm of growth in your bangs far easier than you’d notice 2 mm on shoulder-length hair. Bangs mean getting regular trims and touch-ups. You’ll also need to style them pretty much daily, which brings us to point #2…


You need to style your bangs. Every. Day. 

should i get bangs? kate moss bangs. stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

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Trust us, you’re not going to wake up with red-carpet-ready, Taylor Swift-quality bangs. Short hair can get unruly quite easily. That means breaking out the curling iron or flat iron and some product on the daily, people.


You’re signing up for ‘morning bangs’

Yeah, that’s the hard truth. Chances are you won’t roll out of bed with your bangs looking as sexy as they did when you hit the pillow. So if you share that bed with someone, you’ll need to account for a messier morning look.


No, you can NOT cut them yourself

Please, don’t do it. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people cutting their own bangs. One side ends up shorter than the other, so you cut more, and soon you’ve got a buzz cut on your forehead. Leave it to the professionals – you’ll thank us later.

should i get bangs? olivia wilde bangs. stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

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They get oily faster

Since your bangs or fringe are A) shorter hairs and B) touching your forehead all day, every day, they tend to get greasy quickly, and they show it! If you’re dead set on bangs, make sure to score some dry shampoo to keep those hairs looking alive and oil-free.


Bangs for curly hair

should i get bangs? taylor swift bangs. stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

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Got curls? While bangs can look good on curly hair, it’s a hard-fought battle. Most likely, you’re signing up for daily flat ironing and plenty of product at the very least. 

Your best bet is to thoroughly discuss your bang dreams with your hairstylist before getting too sold on the idea.


Is your hair thick enough?

Bangs work well on people that have enough hair to dedicate to the cause. If your hair is thin and wispy, bangs can mean stealing precious strands away from parts of your head that need more coverage. Talk to your stylist about how much hair you’ll need to use for bangs, and how that will affect the rest of your ‘do.


Will bangs look good on your face?

While bangs look great on most of us, they’re not suited to ALL faces! And with the very wide variety of styles for fringes and bangs, choosing the right one for you is imperative to your happiness with your hair cut! Your hairstylist knows best, so bring in a few photos of styles you like so we can decide, together, on the best option for your face.


Cutting bangs is easy; growing them out can be scary!

It’s like the morning after paradox: A fun night, followed by consequences. There’s no hiding the fact that growing out bangs can be tough and downright unattractive at times. But that doesn’t mean the process needs to be a total nightmare! By trimming and styling your bangs properly as they grow out, the process can be much easier, but it’s something to keep in mind.


Should you get bangs? Our Mount Pleasant hair stylists can help you choose the right style for your life and your face shape, plus walk you through all the ins and outs so you know exactly what to expect! Book your appointment online today, or call us at 604.505.5953.