Hello, Foxy Mama!

We’re talking mom-to-mom today… First, to all you new moms, we see you, we love you, and you’re doing a great job!

We all know being a mom is hard, especially postpartum. Your hormones are running wild, you’re tired and stressed, your body is struggling to recover from pushing a watermelon-sized person out of it… and your hair seems to be falling out. But that’s impossible, right? Wrong! Postpartum hair loss is real – and, let’s be honest, it f-ing sucks. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help!

What is postpartum hair loss and why does it happen?

So what is postpartum hair loss? It’s when new moms shed excess hair in the 1-5 month period after giving birth.

postpartum hair loss - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

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The good news: postpartum hair loss is temporary! While you had your bun in the oven, you probably got that super lux pregnancy hair. You know, when your hair got all shiny and thick? That happened because your hormones were in growth mode. Of course, the growth mode occurs to help build your little one, but it has lovely consequences for your skin, nails… and hair. Once you give birth, the growth mode turns off and your hormones go wild, causing all that extra hair – plus a bunch of normal hair – to drop out. And when we say “drop out”, we mean come out in clumps whenever you do things like shower, brush, or run your fingers through your hair.     

How do I stop my postpartum hair loss?

You can’t fully stop postpartum hair loss. Bummer, we know. But there are ways to help combat it!

postpartum hair loss - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

1. Be gentle with your hair

When you’re rushing around, caring for a tiny human, your hair care can turn into tugging a brush through your strands or giving your scalp a one minute scrub in the shower. But that kind of rough treatment is the worst thing you can do for postpartum hair loss. Instead, try to only wash your hair when you absolutely have to – and use a soft touch when you do. Also, ditch your brush for now and replace it with a wide-toothed comb.

2. Avoid heat

We all know heat damages hair. Most of the time, your locks can deal with a bit, but it isn’t as resilient when you’re experiencing postpartum hair loss. So lock those blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons away for now!

3. Take your vitamins

postpartum hair loss - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

While many moms stop taking prenatal vitamins right after giving birth, they can actually help with postpartum hair loss. That’s because prenatal vitamins contain things like biotin, zinc, and vitamins A and C –  which are all great for your hair. You can’t stop your hormones from going wild, but you can keep taking your vitamins as you ride out the postpartum hair loss.  



4. Get regular trims

Regular trimming keeps your hair healthy, which can help with postpartum hair loss. On top of that, trims make your hair look thicker. Make sure to let your stylist know that you’re dealing with postpartum hair loss so they know to be extra gentle.


If you need a trim or want a consultation to learn which styles can help hide postpartum hair loss, we’ve got your back! Give us a ring at our Mount Pleasant Hair Salon today to book your appointment.