Calling all blonde babes!

We’re dishing our pro secrets on how to take your blonde hair from dull to beautiful, bombshell, can-see-yourself-in-it shiny!

Our hair stylists at Stone Fox Hair salon in Mount Pleasant put together some of their best tips for getting your blonde hair shiny, in the salon and at home.

How to ask your hair stylist for shiny blonde hair

Get a trim

Getting your hair trimmed on the regular not only promotes growth and keeps your hair healthy, it also helps keep it looking bombshell shiny. Why? Because Split ends make hair look dull, tired and lifeless.

Ask your Stone Fox hair stylist during your next appointment to only remove the very tips of your hair,so you get more shine while still keeping your length. Make an appointment for every six weeks to keep that shine locked in.

Olaplex Treatment

how to make blonde hair shiny - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

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Olaplex repairs damage caused by heat, chemicals and hair tools, which helps make your hair feel stronger and look shinier. Olaplex not only boosts shine, adds strength and prevents damage, but it has an added bonus of making your blonde blonder! It’s only available in salons, with an at-home step to help make your shine last, so next time you make an appointment with your hair stylist at Stone Fox Hair, request to have this treatment added on.

Learn more about why this product is SO. DAMN. GOOD.


Make your blonde hair shiny at home

Shine serum

Designed to give you the quickest shine, all you need is a pea sized drop to give your hair back its natural bling, without looking greasy. These products are great for those with thick blonde hair. You can even leave oils on overnight for a deeper conditioning treatment.

how to make blonde hair shiny - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

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Try: Oi oil from Davines – available in the salon  

Glossing spray

Using a shine spray is another fast way to get shine on the go. Just a quick spray is all you need! These sprays are better suited to blondes with fine hair as they won’t weigh hair down like oils and serums.

Try: Shimmer.Me Blonde from Kevin Murphy – available at the Stone Fox Hair salon in Mount Pleasant

Deep conditioner

Quality conditioner really is the key to shinier hair! Use this often, especially if you’re a bleached blonde. To avoid straw-like strands and to keep a healthy shine, use a deep conditioning at-home treatment on a regular basis.

Try: NouNou conditioner from Davines or Young.Again.Masque from Kevin Murphy from the salon

Clarifying shampoo

how to make blonde hair shiny - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

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All shampoos can help clean your hair of oil and residue, but a clarifying shampoo targets more stubborn build-up. If you’re a product junky, regularly use dry shampoo, or spend a lot of time in chlorinated pools, you may want to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to keep hair fresh and shiny.

But be careful: if your hair is dyed, clarifying shampoos can strip the colour out of your hair. They can also be quite drying, so make sure that you follow up with a deep conditioner.

Try: Solu shampoo from Davines or Maxi.Wash from Kevin Murphy – both are on our shelves at Stone Fox Hair salon


Cold setting on your blow dryer

how to make blonde hair shiny - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouverLove your blow dryer? You should finish off by using the coldest setting. The cold air will help close the cuticle of your hair and make it shine.

Try: BaBylissPRO ITALO Luminoso hair dryer – available at Stone Fox Hair

If you want to bring life back to your tired blonde locks, come talk to one of our hair stylists at Stone Fox Hair in Mount Pleasant, we can help bring some shine back into your life.

Book your appointment to get shiny blonde hair online, or call us at 604-505-5953 to book.