Winter weather can be tough on hair.

During the winter months, your hair is more prone to breakage, frizz, static, dullness and damage… so it’s important to be extra careful during this time of year.

When you come in for an appointment with one of our Stone Fox hair stylists, you may notice that we brush your hair a little bit differently than you do at home.

To help you look your best all winter long, we’ve put together some of our favourite hair brush tips and tricks!

Which hair brush should I be using?

It’s important to pick the right hair brush not only for your specific hair type, but for the hairstyle that you want to achieve.

With so many shapes and styles of hair brushes out there, it can quickly get overwhelming. Luckily we’ve broken down which hair brush you should be using and when.

evo hair brush vancouver - hair salon vancouver

Photo credit: @evohair

For fine hair:

Fine hair has a tendency to tangle and snare, so you’ll want to choose a hair brush that will help you detangle your hair without causing damage. Ionic paddle brushes, like the Pete brush by Evo, are great for all hair types. These brushes are great for smoothing and detangling hair.

evo hair brush vancouver - hair salon vancouver

Photo credit: Evo

For thick hair:

You should use a pin bristle brush, like the Bradford brush by Evo. These types of brushes are perfect for daily grooming and will help you to distribute your hair’s natural oils. These oils will help make your hair look more polished all winter long. These brushes are also great for people with long hair or wavy/curly hair.

evo hair brush vancouver - hair salon vancouver

Photo credit: @evohair

For creating volume:

To add some extra volume to your hair when blowing drying, opt for a ceramic-coated, vented metal barrel brush, like the Hank brush from Evo. These brushes are great for drying your hair quickly, for those mornings when you just can’t leave the house with wet hair.


evo hair brush vancouver - hair salon vancouver

Photo credit: @evohair

For that perfect blowout:

Choose a nylon pin bristle brush, like the Spike brush from Evo, to get a fantastic full-bodied blow dry for every hair type. The natural boar bristles help to stimulate your scalp and reduce frizz. Meanwhile, the nylon pins help to polish, add shine and detangle.

We carry the Evo range of hair brushes at our hair salon in Mount Pleasant. (If we don’t have the brush you need in stock we can always order it!)

Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet

Wet hair is much easier to damage. When your hair gets wet, water breaks down the natural hydrogen bonds that strengthen your hair. To prevent breakage, use a wooden wide tooth comb to untangle your hair after showering. This is especially important during the winter as your hair is extra dry and more vulnerable. To ensure that tangles aren’t an issue, give your hair a quick brush before jumping into the shower.

Avoid creating more static

One way to fight frizz and static is to use a wooden comb instead of a plastic one when detangling your dry hair. Wooden combs prevent your hair from drying out as they better distribute your natural hair oils throughout your hair. Wood also doesn’t conduct electricity, so you won’t have to worry about creating static. Brush extra gently in the winter to avoid breaking the ends.

evo hair brush vancouver - hair salon vancouver

Brush from the bottom up

When you brush from top to bottom, you’re actually pulling down the knots from the top of your hair into ones lower down. By starting to brush your hair from the bottom, you can tackle each section of tangles on its own.

Don’t forget your scalp

Your natural hair oils come from your scalp, so when you brush, don’t forget to go all the way to the scalp. The oils produced by your hair help to prevent frizz, add moisture and strengthen your hair. Once you’ve tackled your tangles, don’t forget to do a couple good brush strokes from the top of your scalp all the way to your ends.

evo hair brush vancouver - hair salon vancouverClean your hair brush once a week

You should be cleaning your hair brush at least once a week. You wouldn’t want to brush old product build up back into your nice clean hair now, would you?

To clean your hair brush, remove the hair using a fine-toothed comb, then rinse it under warm water. Next, work some shampoo into your bristles and then rinse it out completely. Leave your brush overnight to dry.

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Next time you come in for an appointment with your Stone Fox Hair stylist, ask us to demonstrate proper hair brushing techniques so that you can replicate them with ease at home. To make your next appointment click here or call us at our hair salon in Mount Pleasant at 604.505.5953.


Main image photo credit: Evo hair by Sam Roberts Photography