Whether we like it or not, Foxes, winter is coming.

Winter weather wreaks havoc on our mood, skin and especially our hair. During the long winter months, your hair is more prone to breakage, frizz, static, dullness and damage – so you’ll want to take extra care of your locks!

Our hair stylists at Stone Fox Hair Salon in Mount Pleasant have put together their top winter hair care tips to make your luscious locks stay healthy and sexy all season long.

1. Fight dry scalp

During the winter months, there is less moisture in the air, which in combination with blasting heaters can cause you to have drier skin, especially on your scalp. If you’re prone to dryness and flaking, you may want to consider investing in a good clarifying shampoo like Kevin.Murphy’s Maxi.Wash (available at Stone Fox Hair Salon).

2. Moisturize with a hair masque

Winter clothes seem designed to create static in your hair. Keeping your hair well moisturized will also help to prevent unwanted frizz. A hair masque is like hair moisturizer on overdrive.

Add a weekly hair masque into your winter hair care routine.

During November and December 2017, all of our hair masques will be on sale for 25% off.  

We carry:

Your stylist can advise you which product is best for your unique hair.

winter hair care tips - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

3. Trade your plastic comb for wood

One way to fight frizz and static is to use a wooden comb instead of a plastic one when detangling your dry hair. Wooden combs prevent your hair from drying out as they better distribute your natural hair oils throughout your hair. Wood also doesn’t conduct electricity, so you won’t have to worry about creating static. Brush extra gently in the winter to avoid breaking the ends.

4. Bring back the shine

The dry winter air can lead to a dry scalp and frizzy hair. The result? Hair that looks appear lifeless and dull. To bring back that shine, check out our full list of in-salon and at home tips and tricks.

5. Try an oil treatment

Oil treatments are a fantastic addition to any winter hair care routine as it can help nourish your dry scalp, bring some moisture back to your dry hair, restore some shine, and reduce tangles. We love using Oi oil from Davines, which is available in the salon.

6. Don’t forget conditioner

Using conditioner is especially important during those dry winter months as your hair needs all of the moisture that it can get. Use a conditioner that is suited to your hair type every time you wash and focus on applying it to your ends, as they’re the oldest and most dry and damaged part of your hair. Consider using a deep conditioning treatment every week or two throughout the winter.

winter hair care tips - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver7. Avoid over-washing your hair

There is nothing better than a nice hot shower after being out all day in the cold, but remember that hot water can damage your hair. During the winter months, keep your hair washing to a minimum and use lukewarm to cold water (if you dare!) in order to prevent your hair from drying out.

8. Get your hair trimmed regularly over the winter

See your Stone Fox Hair stylist every six weeks for a trim to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy all season long. Freshly trimmed ends reduce the appearance of dullness and minimize frizz.

9. Protect your hair from heat tools

Going outside with wet hair in the winter is not only unpleasant… it can also make your hair feel dry and brittle. Before leaving the house, dry your hair properly. Always make sure to use a heat protecting spray, like Davines Melu Hair Shield (which you can pick up in the salon), when using your hair dryer, straightener or curling iron.

Ensure you’re using lower heat settings during the winter: your hair is more likely to become damaged from your styling tools during this season. After blow drying, finish off with a blast on the cool setting on your hair dryer to bring back some shine to your dull winter locks.   

winter hair tips - stone fox hair salon mount pleasant vancouver

To ensure that your hair stays extra fabulous all winter long don’t forget to book regular appointments at our hair salon in Mount Pleasant. Our Stone Fox hair stylists can give you personalized winter hair care tips during your next visit. Make your appointment online here or give us a call at 604.505.5953.