Fall’s all about cozy sweaters and the return of the rains. But look, babes, it’s the perfect time of year to hit the refresh button on your hair colour and turn up the heat with a stunning new colour for the new fall season.

Our hair stylists at Stone Fox Hair salon in Mount Pleasant rounded up some of the best fall hair colours, from the hottest shades of warm blonde, tasty brunette and vibrant red.


Stone Fox Hair Salon Vancouver - Jet black hair colour

Photo credit: @lucyhale

1. Jet black

Black is back! This gorgeous inky-black shade has all of us wanting to join the dark side. Have your stylist nix all warm tones from your locks to achieve this cooler low-maintenance shade. Pairs well with pale skin and a bold lip.



Stone Fox Hair Salon Vancouver - Platinum blonde hair colour

Photo credit: @karliekloss

2. Platinum blonde

Is there a season where platinum isn’t in style? Colder days ahead call for an ice-blonde platinum look to match! We’ve even put together a whole blog to help you find the best shade of blonde for your skin colour.


Stone Fox Hair Salon Vancouver - Honey blonde hair colour

Photo credit: @jamiechung

3. Honey blonde

Stay warm and cozy by the fire with someone to cuddle with, a glass of wine and a warm blonde tone for your hair. If your skin tone falls on the medium side, this gorgeous hue will make you glow all winter.


Stone Fox Hair Salon Vancouver - Slate grey hair colour

Photo credit: Marie Claire

4. Slate grey

If you went platinum this summer and might go darker this fall, then why not try the still-kicking grey hair trend? To keep things fun, you could even add a pop of colour on your ends to keep things from being overly monochromatic.


Stone Fox Hair Salon Vancouver - Warm copper hair colour

Photo credit: @bellathorne

5. Warm copper

This stunning cayenne orangey-red screams fallen leaves, early sunsets and cozy fires. This shade of red is an update on last year’s pumpkin spice look, but with a little more blonde thrown in to keep things a little lighter.


Stone Fox Hair Salon Vancouver - Ruby red hair colour

Photo credit: @madelame

6. Ruby red

Thank Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale for bringing back this no-holds-barred, all-out shade of ruby red hair. Got fair skin? This shade’s for you. If not, stay away!

Stone Fox Hair Salon Vancouver - Cinnamon Chocolate hair colour

Photo credit: @therealsarahhyland

7. Cinnamon chocolate

Warm, rich and delicious, this brunette colour for fall involves colouring your hair with an all-over dark brown tone, then having your hair stylist add in some auburn highlights.

Stone Fox Hair Salon Vancouver - Rose gold hair colour

Photo credit: @haileybaldwin

8. Rose gold

You’ve probably seen this colour around, and it’s even bigger for fall. When trying for this delicate pink shade, keep in mind your base colour – the lighter your base, the more pastel your pink will come out.

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